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Thank YOU for supporting KNSA and Native Eats by purchasing our NoSto Mealbox. We've heard you have enjoyed out meals, and checked out for local, fresh food. When you order through the website, consider adding the $1.75 to cover the processing fee so more proceeds go to affordable housing.

More Good News is that we are now partnered with a Consulting Firm, Housing Enterprises, Inc. who have 27 years working with developing affordable housing. We have, as you can see above, two projects ahead, we hope you will stay with us. We will keep you posted!

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Updated: Sep 14, 2021


We have received a property on Clarks Falls Road (below) that we plan to rehab.

KNSA is working towards raising grant money to build on donated land and rehab donated houses. Because of our nonprofit status, KNSA is able to access grant monies not available to the town.


Currently we have issued requests for qualifications from contractors to interview in order to move forward on our first project! KNSA seeks to work with experienced non-profit contractors who will use their expertise to secure funding and architects who will design homes that fit well in a rural setting.

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