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KNSA has applied for a Congressionally Directed Spending Grant

for Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. This money

is directly available to our Senators Blumenthal and Murphy to

be awarded to state non-profits in the above designated areas.

KNSA has applied for gap funding – (the money needed to meet

the cost of building and still sell to income qualified buyers at a

price they can afford) to build on the three properties they own.

The one room schoolhouse on Clarks Falls Road will be rehabbed

into a 3-bedroom home and the two properties on 26e Main Street

will each be the site of a 3- bedroom affordable home.

KNSA has done the legal and predevelopment work to make

these sites ‘shovel ready’ for building. This work is not readily

evident; gaining legal status as a building lot, surveying and

subdividing (26e Main Street) and removing the deed restriction

which prohibited its conversion into housing (119 Clarks Falls

Road). Success in this three-year lengthy process qualifies us for

this funding opportunity. The grants are to be awarded in October.

Thank you all who have supported KNSA. You made it possible

for us to do the work necessary to make these properties ready

for building. We look forward to announcing a favorable outcome

of our CDS funding request to make them homes!

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KNSA’s initiative to create affordable housing on Wintechog

Hill has not been successful. Our hope was that the residents

of our town would be able to decide in a referendum whether

the development of 24 affordable apartments was

appropriate on that site. In a 2-1 vote, the board of selectmen

decided not to send the 8-24 application for lease of the town

owned 10 acres for affordable housing to a town meeting,

then referendum. We will continue to strive to fulfill our

mission to build housing that is affordable and appropriate for

the people of North Stonington and those wishing to live here.

We believe affordable housing is not just about shelter; it is

the foundation for stable communities and thriving


We welcome Jennifer Sawyer to our board of directors. She

recently retired from work at Yale New Haven Hospital and

Newtown Middle School, helping people develop personal

and community roles. Her experience will be appreciated on

our board.

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Thank you to all who supported our Celtic Women 20 th

Anniversary Tour fundraiser on March 23. We had a wonderful

time in the skybox seating which was so generously provided by

the Mohegan Sun Casino. This revenue will assist us in raising

awareness of the need for affordable housing in our community

and to move our projects forward.

We are in the process of obtaining estimates of the cost of

rehabilitation of the 119 Clarks Falls schoolhouse from contractors

to aid in seeking grant funding to do the work. The property at

26e Main Street has been surveyed, subdivided, and perked so

that we are “shovel ready” for building with that predevelopment

work done.

Although we were not able take the motion to lease the 10 acres

of town owned land on which to build 26 affordable rental units to

town referendum, the effort was worthwhile as it again raised the

awareness of the need for affordably priced housing in our town.

With only 1.2% of deed restricted affordable housing presently in

North Stonington, developments of 100% affordability are needed

to meet the state mandate of 10% housing affordability.

KNSA’s mission is to provide housing options that are within the

budgets of the people of North Stonington and those wishing to

live here.

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