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a Report of the progress from 2022-2023

Search for Land- Our search for land on which to build led us to property on Hickory Ridge. We were encouraged that much work had been done to site 2 four bedroom homes on the property which we could rework to two 2 bedroom duplexes. We were assured of financing from Local Incentives Service Corporation (USC} and submitted a bid. We were outbid and dropped the property from our search. Town-owned lots in Kingswood-Meadowood were explored with the First Selectman, Bob Carlson. A letter sent to KNSA detailed the difficulty of development there because of the soil type/drainage. Any further investigation of these issues would have to be undertaken by the developer (KNSA).

In the spring of 2023 we are exploring property on Fowler Road (30 acres) and Grindstone Hill (30 acres). The owners have met with our housing consultant, Dave Berto, and board members to explore the possibility of partnering in development of affordable housing on their property. KNSA is working with our consultant to submit a schematic to our town selectmen for a

52-bedroom apartment complex on town-owned property on Wintechog Hill. To this end, we signed a contract with Patriquin Architects, PC on March16, 2023, to prepare an architectural site plan, a typical unit plan, and other architectural services, different from previous plans the Town has seen. . This contract also states that they will meet virtually with Town Staff, KNSA and other stakeholders to discuss two approaches.

The approval for obtaining site control of this 8.5 acre parcel must be through the 8-24 process which controls the disposal of town-owned properties. The residents of North Stonington would have to approve the sale of the property at a town meeting. The target date for this being brought to to a town meeting - perhaps in early Fall.

Watch here for more updates!!

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North Stonington has been singled out for its “paltry 1.2 percent” of affordable

housing in The Day newspaper’s editorial Sunday, Aug. 21. North Stonington

again is cited in another article as having the lowest percentage of affordable

housing in New London and Windom counties. As Paul Choinere, former editorial

writer of The Day, says “People need a place to live. That should be the priority.”

North Stonington has long prided itself in being a “working class” town, but lack

of affordable housing has made that a false perception. Because we lack housing,

we deprive our town of the vitality and diversity that makes a town livable. We

are talking of housing for teachers, municipal workers, librarians, nurses, essential

workers and seniors. Many young adults, who grew up here, would like to remain

in North Stonington but find that housing is not affordable and have to move


Forcing up housing cost are restrictive zoning laws which site homes on large lots

which are environmentally destructive (urban sprawl has cost CT 13 acres of

farmland per day for the last 25 years!) and make the cost of building housing

more expensive.

Let’s make our town proud and progressive , by showing support for housing

choices that are affordable, not being the “paltry” 1.2 percenters.

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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

KNSA is pleased to welcome Jennifer Dayton to our board of directors. Jennifer has training and experience in economics as well as a history of community service. She joins other recent additions to our board: Denise Hawk, Toula Balestracci and Juliet Hodge. Our long time members Sue Latourette, Jeff Nelson, and Jennifer Welborn look forward to their enthusiasm and help in building affordable housing in North Stonington. We welcome other interested persons to apply for board membership or as a volunteer to help in this mission. Contact Mary Ann Ricker at for information and an application.

Predevelopment work continues on our property on 26E Main Street. It has been surveyed and perked, moving us a step closer to our goal of building on that property. We are hoping to combine that work with the rehabilitation of our property on 119 Clarks Falls Road into a funding proposal to our State Dept. of Housing.

A thank you to all who attended, contributed and spent money purchasing items at our “Night out with KNSA” fundraiser held at Jonathan Edwards Winery on April 8. Our sponsors: Chelsea Groton Bank, Regina McGowan & family, the Colgan Family; and friends: Jim and Cinda Spavins and Jeff Raggon get our special thanks for their early support. Space donated by Jonathan Edwards for the event lent a festive air which contributed to the spirit and enthusiasm displayed by all who attended. Our goal was to raise $10,000 and with the incredible support of this community, we raised over $14,000! It was a great community event!!

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