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how we got started

the need

KNSA, Inc. was formed in response to the compelling data that in 2000

North Stonington's median home price was $159,400* in and 

by 2021, the median home price rose to $291,416*.

This is more than an 80% cost increase while wages have not increased accordingly.


The income needed to afford the median rent of $1,417 is $50,000 to $70,000.

The median income for renters in town is $34,730.

We agree that “Homeownership is transformational, both for individuals and communities. Health outcomes improve, children do better in school, it stabilizes neighborhoods because people are more concerned and more engaged.”      

-Susanne Slater, Pres. & CEO of D.C. Habitat

the hometown solution

KNSA’s mission is to ensure that the people of North Stonington, and those wishing to live here, can find housing within their budgets. By using available private and public funding, we will provide affordable housing options for first-time homebuyers, seniors, renters and those who otherwise cannot afford to live in North Stonington. We will do so in a manner which enhances our community while retaining the rural character of our town.

           *    2021

Meet The Board


Mary Ann Ricker

Director & President


Jeff Nelson

Director & VP pro tem


Denise Hawk

Director & Secretary


Jennifer Dayton



Jennifer Sawyer



Sue Latourette

Director & Treasurer

Sue is a local pastor who believes that all of us have a right to

decent, affordable shelter and a community to be a part of.  


Patrick Colgan


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