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Message from KNSA's President

North Stonington has been singled out for its “paltry 1.2 percent” of affordable

housing in The Day newspaper’s editorial Sunday, Aug. 21. North Stonington

again is cited in another article as having the lowest percentage of affordable

housing in New London and Windom counties. As Paul Choinere, former editorial

writer of The Day, says “People need a place to live. That should be the priority.”

North Stonington has long prided itself in being a “working class” town, but lack

of affordable housing has made that a false perception. Because we lack housing,

we deprive our town of the vitality and diversity that makes a town livable. We

are talking of housing for teachers, municipal workers, librarians, nurses, essential

workers and seniors. Many young adults, who grew up here, would like to remain

in North Stonington but find that housing is not affordable and have to move


Forcing up housing cost are restrictive zoning laws which site homes on large lots

which are environmentally destructive (urban sprawl has cost CT 13 acres of

farmland per day for the last 25 years!) and make the cost of building housing

more expensive.

Let’s make our town proud and progressive , by showing support for housing

choices that are affordable, not being the “paltry” 1.2 percenters.

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